Uganda Spring 2016

12th - 26th March

The Spring project Uganda saw the team visit Lugazi, Kasese and Fort Portal. In Lugazi the team were able to check in on the work that the Mehter group have been doing to continue the joint delivery of cricket and HIV in the community that surrounds the sugar plantation. Here, community health workers known as “Health Angels” deliver outreach work in the surrounding villages.


To help support their work, and to offer them a new way to deliver HIV and other health messages, the team delivered the CWB Introduction to Cricket course to the Health Angels, giving them a basic overview of the skills and sport but focusing on how cricket can be used to deliver health messages.

The successes of the team’s delivery were evident in the following days in Lugazi, as they supported the newly trained coaches in delivering sessions at the Mehta Stadium. Volunteer Ross observed: “[a] highlight of the day was seeing one of the local coaches Bernard not only successfully running a session with no input from Tom but seamlessly adding batting progression and advanced HIV ABC messaging into his coaching session.”.


In Kasese and Fort Portal the team seized every opportunity to get as many people involved as possible. From going with the flow and using the children who turned up to Coach Educations sessions as an opportunity to give the trainee coaches some real life experience, through to an impromptu visit to organisations such as he “Rwenzori Special Needs Foundation” and “Save the Disabled Child Home”, organizations that CWB Ambassador Emmanuel now has contact information for and will certainly become scheduled visits for future projects. They also had great success at the cricket tournaments, with frenetic competition and, possibly more importantly, 364 adults and children tested for HIV.

UgandaSpringTeam2016The Team

Mark Campbell – Project Leader
Graham Gayton – Tutor
Beth Evans
Richard Armes
Ross Opie
Sarajane “SJ” Marchant
Liam Stubbs
Tom Barnes

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