Uganda Autumn 2015

19th September - 3rd October

The Autumn Uganda trip departed in mid-September for the northern towns of Aura, Gulu and Lira and accompanied by CWB Ambassador Emmanuel as well as the UCA CDO for the north region, Grace.

The overwhelming success of the Ugandan project lay in the provision of HIV testing stations at all three festivals. A total of 380 children and teachers were tested over the 3 days, with 3 young people testing positive who were not previously aware of their status. They were then able to access counselling and treatment to help them keep healthy to play cricket.


With the benefit of having two tutors, the group were regularly able to split into two mini-teams, which meant that they were able to visit more schools, coach more children, and pass on more HIV messages. This was made possible by the great enthusiasm of Grace and Emmanuel, as well as the stellar bus-driving skills of Joseph, who did a sterling job of ferrying the team left, right and center as they pushed themselves to reach as many people as possible.


The team also enjoyed playing the role of guests of honour at a cricket festival run and organised by the Mehter group in Lugazi, who had replicated the CWB model demonstrated the year before, including the provision of HIV testing, a great example of sustainability in action.

UgandaAutumnTeam2015The Team

Lee Booth - Project Leader
Sara Begg - ECB Tutor
Steve Wells
Reece Brant
Mark Roberts
Adam Dyson

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