East Uganda Spring 2013

17th Feb - 3rd March

Project Leader Jamie’s final thoughts on the Spring Uganda project.

I’ve found Uganda a vibrant and fascinating country. Everywhere you turn there are sights and sounds which attack the senses. Sometimes there are even rolling hills that reminded me of Scotland! The people are what makes any nation and the Ugandan’s are amongst the friendliest, most helpful and genuinely caring individuals I’ve met. I decided to make a real effort to get to know all of the teachers we coached on this trip and this is my personal highlight.

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Hearing how passionate they were about teaching, their family stories and their hopes for the future were inspiring. Florence is a shining example of the teacher-coaches that we and the Ugandan Cricket Association should be doing everything we can to help. She was brilliant at picking up the cricket skills and was able to integrate the ABCT message with ease. But what really stood out for me was the effort she put in to help me negotiate African bureaucracy and allow the CWB group and the teachers climb Tororo Rock as one big team. I hope Florence one day realises her dream of visiting America and meeting her hero Oprah, she certainly deserves it and I’ll happily provide her with a reference if she ever needs it!

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I would like to thank the team of volunteers for their amazing hard work in some pretty hot and dusty conditions, whilst the local Ugandan coaches Flavia and Rocket will ensure that the future of Ugandan cricket is in safe hands and the UCA for all their help in organising the trip.For those of you who wondered I think I was successful in my early schmoozing with the boss and yes I did lose my unbeaten CWB record.

UgandaEastSpringTeam2013The Team

Jamie Burton - Project Leader
Alan Cook - ECB Tutor
John McDougall
Kristy Shaw
Neville Smallwood
Michael Brown
Sarah Brown
Theresa Dzendrowskyj
Holly Colvin

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