Uganda Spring 2013

17th Feb - 3rd March

Graham Gayton reflects on his time tutoring in Uganda.

We set off with a team of 8 guys to Entebbe, to begin our project, teaching Cricket and giving our HIV messages to those we met. It was hot. At 2.00 pm every day, it was very hot and even the locals were moving a little slower in the afternoon. The team however, never buckled under the Sun's heat and kept everything going with the help of water and the occasional area of shade.
As tutor, the young team encountered the large numbers promised on our first day. Our carousel of 4 groups, exceeded 50 children in each group. The sight of another School or two arriving late, with another 50 children, further stretched our resources. But the team never wilted, realising that coaching individuals was impossible and it was really about activity and fun.

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They (the team) became 'machine like', in setting up, running sessions, and delivering the A, B, Cs . Some had no/little coaching background but most importantly they all had an interest in Cricket and love of the game. I was proud of the team's coaching efforts and the enthusiasm in which they went about the sessions. At the conclusion of each session the younger guys devised their own little drama (plays) which linked the HIV messages with Cricket and made the HIV message fun, despite its serious consequences.

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Thanks to CWB and 'the team' for making this Project so special.

UgandaSpringTeam2013The Team

Gavin Reynolds - Project Leader
Graham Gayton - ECB Tutor
Simon Honeywell
Freddie Wilde
Nick Bawden
Dave Jepson
Grant Neven

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