Rwanda Autumn 2016

28th September – 8th October

The Rwandan project split its time between the capital Kigali, Kayonza, Kinihira and Huye. In such a compact country movement to different towns is relatively easy, and the team took full advantage of this opportunity to bring cricket to as many places as possible.


The team reaped the rewards of the impact of the CWB Ambassadors in Rwanda (Mary, Eric and Audifax), in many schools and orphanages the pre-existing knowledge of both cricket and the ABC and T messages were testament to the impact that consistent and regular coaching and support can have. It was reflected in the standard of cricket competition, and the depth of understanding of cricket tactics – including fields being set for left handers, surely a CWB first!

In schools where cricket hadn’t been played before the team sparked enthusiasm through the tried and tested CWB combination of catching, throwing, whacking, singing, dancing and chanting – all while combining the vital messages of HIV prevention and protection. These sessions are excellent, not just for bringing the CWB message to big groups of children but also opening doors for the Ambassadors to follow up in the future.


The team thoroughly embraced the Rwandan experience, representing CWB in a game against the RCA, rescuing puppies, testing out roadside samosas, rolling with the logistical punches, making new friends and connections and all the while ensuring that the HIV message was spread wide, loud and clear.

RwandaAutumnTeam2016The Team

Thom Manning – Project Lead
Bob Hopkins – HIV Lead
Jhon Cosgrove
Iain Martin
Rob Ayerst
Suresh Thalange
Claire Hall
Sally Barrell
Hope Dear

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