Botswana Autumn 2010

19th October - 1st November

During their second week in Botswana, the team have revisited the Magopane School in Ramotswa and squeezed in a match at the Gabs Oval before heading north to break new ground in Francistown. The 152km journey was taken in a variety of transport and completed in five and a half hours.


The team were based at Woodlands 7km down a dirt road from Francistown but worked mainly in and around the cricket club. They were reunited with Clement, a BCA coach, who they worked with last year. During the week they worked with around 30 teachers and 300 children including several from local schools for the deaf.

BotswanaAutumnTeam2010The Team

Will McLaren-Clark - Project Leader
Mike Griggs - ECB Tutor
Allan Parker Reed
Veronique Cowan Goessant
Mike Reeves
Veronika Reeves
Adrian Shankar
Chris Bond
Michael Stratford

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