Botswana Spring 2014

12th - 25th April

Adam Park-Elliott reflects on his time tutoring in Botswana.

And so the umpire has nudged the bails off and another CWB Botswana Project comes to a close – 28 new coaches successfully through their ICC Introductory or Level 1 assessment on the final day at Francistown. Making a total of 80 new coaches for this trip.

carl and meng

Skills demonstrated throughout the week, coaching techniques and tools passed on, ABC&Ts messages masterfully emphasised, with everyone from Top Banana, Playball and the student teachers kitted out with their bright yellow CWB ‘COACH’ t-shirts raring to go into Francistown and surrounding area schools to pass on all their new-found cricketing and HIV/AIDS awareness knowledge.

Close Up

The CWB coaches must take a huge amount of credit for this success story because Ken, Mark, Carl, Simon, Tim and David have worked their dusty socks off directing, encouraging, cajoling, laughing and demonstrating aspects of batting, bowling, catching, ground-fielding and wicket-keeping in ‘fun’ ways rarely seen back.

BotswanaSpringTeam2014The Team

Mark Campbell – Project Leader
Adam Park-Elliott – ECB Tutor
Tim Ward
Tom Smith
Ken Kirk
Carl Ferguson
Mengxi Hu

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