Botswana Spring 2015

21st March - 5th April

Botswana was the last country to be visited in Spring 2015, with an experienced team of volunteers, a bag full of the latest in video technology and an eagerness to get stuck into a full two weeks of cricket and HIV/AIDS messaging.


The Botswana Spring project had great success in engaging local HIV/AIDS testing and counselling services to help reinforce the messages around the importance of testing, including the Tebelopele Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centre. The team learnt how the majority of people who came for voluntary testing were female, and that engaging young men in the practice was critical in helping to combat the disease.

The team were particularly keen to keep a check on the effectiveness of the HIV messaging that is part and parcel of a CWB project. With Sam heading the charge as HIV lead the group continually looked to innovate new and more effective ways of incorporating the messaging into their coaching and coach education. The team took great delight in seeing the changes in the M&E results from the start to end of sessions, as well as the less tangible but just as satisfying change in the confidence with which the young people were willing to shout “Condomise!”.


This commitment was perfectly illustrated in the culmination of the project, which finished on Good Friday, where a festival of 4 stations focusing on Abstain (from throwing while bowling), Be faithful (to your partner while catching), Condomisation (using the bat as a “condom”) and Testing (through a game of cross-fire) drew great interest from local young people despite the fact schools were closed for the Easter period.

BotswanaSpringTeam2015The Team

Mark Campbell - Project Leader
Sam Stevenson
Ross Opie
Rachael Dyer
Greg Mackett
Liam Burnell

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