Botswana Autumn 2015

17th - 31st October

Botswana also had a relatively small team, but again they made the very most of the resources available to them, with 100 students & teachers trained as coaches and over 1500 children coached and introduced to the A,B,C & T’ S. The trip turned out to be a classic “game of two halves”.


While the first week was blighted by cancelling schools the team managed to ably fill their time, getting involved at the SOS orphanage at Gaborone and a second orphanage at Gamadubu and using local contacts to find last-minute schools – classic CWB fare!

The second week in Francistown went considerably more smoothly as plans fell into place and the team were able to work on Coach Education most mornings followed by a school every afternoon.


The Coach Education programme was the real triumph of the trip. Tapping into local colleges the team were able to introduce cricket to a raft of trainee teachers, many of whom were specialising in PE. Often beginning from a standing start the candidates quickly absorbed a lot of information and left their two-day courses brimming with knowledge and enthusiasm.

BotswanaAutumnTeam2015The Team

Greig Vardy - Project Leader
Ali Goddard
Nicholas Cliffe
Malcom Pressley-Smith

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