Rwanda 2007

Breaking New Ground

In Rwanda, CWB spent 6 days training the new generation of Rwandan cricket coaches at the Kicukiro Oval in Kigali. The Kicukiro Oval is the only cricket ground in the country and shares its pitch with livestock and motorbikes. It lies next to the infamous Ecole Technique, where 2,800 Tutsi men, women and children were massacred by machete wielding Hutus in the genocide of 1994. When the pitch was first used for cricket the players found piles of bones by the boundary, together with land mines.


The CWB team of Andy Hobbs, Chris Kangis, Ed Williams, Paul Daniels and Nick Lowles and thanks must go to the Rwanda Cricket Association, in particular Charles Haba and Emma Byiringiro and the British Embassy in the shape of the the Ambassador, Jeremy Macadie and the Deputy Ambassador, Peter Thomas.

The Team

Andy Hobbs
Chris Kangis
Ed Williams
Paul Daniels
Nick Lowles