Rwanda 2008

Continued progress

The CWB trustees returned in November 2008, but this time with five more CWB volunteers, all qualified cricket coaches back in the UK.

The 2008 visit built on the coaching skills of the 12 youth coaches from the previous visit, and session were led on batting, bowling, umpiring, fielding, and most importantly, how to mainstream HIV. 6 of these 12 coaches were then successful in moving to a level 1 coaching award.


A further group of a dozen or so new youth coaches were assessed on their level 0 capacity to coach cricket. This will give them increased confidence to teach our children in their schools on how to play the game, allowing potential to rise to national and international levels, with support of CWB's coaching and training sessions.


There was a special session with the under 19 team to give them the skills needed to convey HIV Protection messages through cricket, which were shared to the other children who benifited from CWB's two week visit.

"It's fantastic to see the kids we coached last year using the equipment we left them, and more importantly remembering the tactics we taught and having the confidence to lead the warm up sessions independently of us, and well. The coaches and the children have really learnt how to take cricket seriously and passionately, and it's evident this has encouraged more children to want to come out and play the game."

Andy Hobbs, CWB Trustee

RwandaTeam2008The Team

Ben Treadaway
Chris Kangis
Andy Hobbs
Ed Williams
Kevin Key
Condrad Chandler
Olly Manning
Helen Whitehall
Amy Williams

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