Rwanda 2009

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In November 2009, CWB returned for its third trip to Rwanda with 13 coaches, Andy Hobbs, Chris Kangis, Ed Williams, Scott Keown, Jeremy Knott, David Fitt, Dan Taylor, Josh Wheatley, Rose Reed, Sandy Janjua, Paul Daniels, Alison Bridgeman and Nick Lowles.


The team were based in Kigali and again worked out of the Kicukiro Oval. During the 2 week stay the team trained a number of 2008 to become ICC Level 1 coaches. In addition 16 new coaches were awarded the ICC level 0 award. CWB also worked with several hundred children.


Highlights of the trip included the inaugural CWB v Rwanda game, meeting the Rwandan Minister of Sport, as well as the EU Ambassador, David Macrae.

RwandaTeam2009The Team

Andy Hobbs
Chris Kangis
Ed Williams
Scott Keown
Jeremy Knott
David Fitt
Dan Taylor
Josh Wheatley
Rose Reed
Sandy Janjua
Paul Daniels
Alison Bridgeman
Nick Lowles

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