Rwanda Autumn 2011

23rd September - 7th October

On 23 September 2011, a mix of experienced and new coaches from cricket charity Cricket without Boundaries (CWB) returned to Rwanda to coach and develop cricket with key AIDS awareness messages.


Travelling the length and breath of the small country, the team in partnership with the Rwanda Cricket Association worked with players and coaches in order to improve cricket participation and to use the game as a vehicle to promote familiar HIV/AIDS awareness messages.

Amongst the many highlights there was a visit to the Rwanda Orphanage project, returning to the amazing school at Nyragunga and the sight of 100's of school children experiencing cricket for the first time on a playing field at Giterama.


A key achievement was coaching 16 coaches to achieve an ICC coaching accreditation, ensuring that the coaching of cricket would be sustained in the months ahead.

CWB Rwanda Country Manager Tim Marrion, was able to build up strong working relationships with a number of local government and non-governemental health organisations.

"These relationships are going to be crucial to strengthening the influence of coaching cricket for social development. Things are really starting to happen for cricket in Rwanda and it's fantastic to be part of this process".

Tim Marrion, Rwanda Country Manager

RwandaAutumnTeam2011The Team

Lee Booth - Project Leader
Tim Marrion - ECB Tutor
Dave Terrace
Jack Oldham
Rich Thurston
David Chew
Bob Hopkins
Mike Farrant

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