Rwanda Spring 2011

5th - 20th March

Seven eager (yet nervous) coaches descended on Kigali in early March for a two week trip  that would visit 14 schools, 2 universities and returned to the Pefa Orphanage.  The team returned to a few of the locations visited by the Autumn 2010 project (Greenhills, Kagarama, Apade and ISAE in Ruhengeri) but otherwise spent the time in new schools, predominantly in the Kigali area.  All of the schools embraced cricket with open arms and took on board the AIDS/HIV awareness messages we linked to the game.  


Over the weekend we visited the two universities (ISAE and Rukara) where we encountered really enthusiastic new cricketers and university teams with some talented players.  The second week saw us working in Butare with deaf and physically disabled children and others with learning difficulties.  The trip culminated in festival where 84 young cricketers 'tee'd-off' at the national ground in Kigali.  In addition to the schools coaching we also delivered 2 sessions of coach education - training 23 local coaches so that they could continue to teach cricket to kids in schools. 


The trip was an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the whole team - a huge thanks must go to the staff and coaches of the Rwandan Cricket Association for their help and who we all hope to see again on a CWB trip in the future.

RwandaSpringTeam2011The Team

Brian Elliott - Project Leader
Martin Eeles - ECB Tutor
Paul Rowe - ECB Tutor
Ben Powis
Jonathan Todd
Ian Fagg
Graham Gayton
Elvira Kemp

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