Rwanda Spring 2012

3rd - 17th March

The Spring trip to Rwanda saw further progress there and another fantastic set of CWB volunteers doing the charity proud. The first week was lead by David Terrace, and saw the team concentrate on work in the Rwandan capital, Kigali. A highlight was returning to the Rwandan orphans project, always inspiring, a number of impromptu games and coaching sessions took places with the boys who literally have nothing.



The trip to Giterama, provided a great opportunity to coach in large numbers in order to spread the ABC HIV/AIDS message, and it was something that the CWB volunteers took to like a duck to water. Unfortunately in the first week tutor Martin Eeles had to return home due to illness, but it was testament to the quality of the team that they all stepped up to fill this considerable void. 

The second week was lead by another CWB veteran, Richard Thurston ably assisted by Lee Booth. This week, the team went further afield including a trip to the university at Butare. There is clearly talent and a passion for cricket there, but the state of the equipment is pretty poor which hinders the team.


There was a visit to beautiful Ruthengeri, returning to see the university team lead by an inspiring young man called Roger, who is a fantastic cricketer and great ambassador who has truly bought into the ABC message. There were also visits to a number of new schools in Kigali, for their first taste of CWB cricket coaching, breaking new ground in the process. The trip was rounded off by a successful coach ed session and the schools tournament (won by Kagarama school)

Another fantastic trip!

RwandaSpringTeam2012The Team

Dave Terrace – Project Leader
Martin Eeles - ECB Tutor
Carys Davis
Richie Bosworth
Jamie Bowman
Jonathan Merrett
Richard Thurston
Paulette Revere
Lee Booth

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