Rwanda Autumn 2013

28th Sept - 12th October

Jules’ Final Thoughts

It's safe to say that for all of us, the past two weeks have been immense fun and we have all learned something new about Rwanda, cricket, each other and ourselves. It amazes me how CWB can put together a team of relative strangers, fly them to an African country (alien for many) and asks them to speak to people in that country about complex social issues such as protecting yourself against HIV, and make it work. Yet on reflection there are two strong commonalities running through all who participate in a CWB project, we all want to help each other to make a positive difference and we are all cricket mad – that's one of the beauties of Cricket Without Boundaries.

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As Team Rwanda Autumn 2013's project leader, I feel truly lucky to have met (in the case of Lee and Eric catch up with) and coached with an amazing set of people who each injected their own personality and skills into the project to make it work. This is shown when you breakdown the quantifiable outcomes of the trip (come on I am a geeky cricket scorer and statistician this has to be done!)


Over the past two weeks Team Rwanda Autumn 2013 have:

  • Coached 3192 kids and young adults cricket, and given important HIV messages,
  • Trained 28 new cricket coaches in Kigali and Butare/ Nyanza,
  • Held its first scorers course and 15 scorers trained,
  • Found, employed and mentored 2 CWB Ambassadors who will work in country to continue work between projects.

RwandaAutumnTeam2013The Team

Jules Farman - Project Leader
Lee Booth - ECB Tutor
Liam Burnell
Annette Cousins
Paula Redpath
Steve Tegg
Marissa Rundle
Greg Mackett

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