Rwanda Spring 2015

6th - 20th February

The Rwanda Spring project for 2015 got off to a good start, as the CWB XI secured victory in a welcome T20, helped in no small part by some powerful striking from CWB volunteer Chris Coleman!

Having got their eye in early on the team proceeded to enjoy a very successful project. First visiting Huye in southern Rwanda and then the capital Kigali and, further north, Kinihira, the team was accompanied by CWB ambassadors Eric and Mary.


The team coached in a wide range of different environments and faced unique challenges in each - spanning orphanages, primary and secondary schools, universities, schools with specialist units for deaf children, school groups with huge numbers (including 400 in one session). One of the overwhelming feelings from volunteers on the project was that overcoming each of these unique challenges, and ensuring that the young people went away having smiled, learnt something new and absorbed the ABC-T messages was immeasurably rewarding.


The project included a session for local teachers on scoring, two very successful school tournaments that featured both primary schools, secondary schools and orphanages, a visit to a tea factory in the beautiful Kinihira, and lots and lots of excellent, if sometimes chaotic, batting bowling and fielding sessions that culminated in plenty of chants about the ABC and T’s of HIV/AIDs protection.


The Team

Rob Jones – Project Leader
James Sugden
Alex Hunt
Dan Pett
Lewis Hobbs
Chis Coleman
Andrew Ferguson

Further Information