Cricket Without Boundaries (CWB), the leading UK cricket development and AIDS awareness charity has appointed Surrey Cricket Development Manager, Simon Hards, to be the Country Manager for Uganda.

Head of Cricket Development at Essex Country Cricket Club Cricket Development heads up CWB Kenya Country Manager role

Essex Head of Cricket Development, Tracey Davies will be heading up the CWB Country Manager role for Kenya.

In preparation for World AIDS day on 1 December read the Guardian Newspaper article all about the fantastic Massai warriors playing cricket in Kenya and importantly how they use HIV/AIDS awareness messages in their sessions. The article kindly mentions CWB's involvement in helping to coach the Massai. Well done Aliya! We will be back in the Spring to carry on the good work.

World Aids Day is on 1st December 2011 and CWB are fully behind the global campaign to target delivery of an AIDS-free generation.

With its continuing work in Sub Saharan Africa promoting Positive Awareness of HIV/AIDS through cricket, CWB are adding their weight to the fight against this terrible epidemic.

Shortly before the Christmas party season started nine Cricket Without Boundaries ["CWB"] volunteer coaches returned from their two week project in Kenya having coached and developed cricket with key AIDS awareness messages.

The members of the team came from all over the UK and had an age spread of 16-60.

One of the key strands to what CWB aims to achieve is the delivery of HIV/aids awareness through the medium of cricket. For many people who are new to understanding the work of the charity the links between the two, and the way in which we make them, are not always obvious.

The best measure of our success comes from those with whom we work on the projects and the legacy we leave behind, empowering them to be confident in the delivery of the messages after we leave. Whilst in Uganda we interviewed 4 people who have benefitted from CWB coaching and they speak about their experiences of the charity and how it has/will impact on them in the future.

On 1st October 9 volunteers from the cricket charity Cricket Without Boundaries set off on another project to Uganda. The team consisted of some of CWB's most experienced coaches, new coaches and other volunteers with a particular interest in HIV/Aids awareness.

On 23 September 2011, a mix of experienced and new coaches from cricket charity Cricket without Boundaries (CWB) returned to Rwanda to coach and develop cricket with key AIDS awareness messages.

Travelling the length and breath of the small country, the team in partnership with the Rwanda Cricket Association worked with players and coaches in order to improve cricket participation and to use the game as a vehicle to promote familiar HIV/AIDS awareness messages.

In October CWB hit the fantastic milestone of coaching its 20,000th child. We also have spent the last 3 months delivering projects recruiting volunteers and building relationships with UK, African and international NGOs

Read about CWB trained Botswana coach, Clement Chipanga’s work in the FrancisTown Centre for Deaf. The school is an area that CWB have worked and visited with and its great to see cricket developing! - Source