CWB trained coach spreading the word in Kisumu, Kenya

CWB first met and trained Derick Inyanje in October 2011 in Kisumu, Kenya.

Working closely with Derick closely the team trained and mentored him in cricket coaching and in teaching HIV/AIDS messages. With a bag of CWB donated cricket equipment and his undoubted enthusiasm Derick has taken to his coaching role with gusto.

CWB can proudly announce that they have become a delivery partner for the Think Wise Global Cricket AIDS Partnership.

Think Wise is a campaign between the ICC, UNAIDS and UNICEF to promote HIV prevention. Like CWB, the partnership was established to use the power of cricket to help tackle key issues around AIDS by focusing on increasing information and awareness about HIV as well as addressing the key issues of stigma and discrimination that are associated with AIDS.

CWB return to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Botswana this Spring.

This spring sees the projects kick off again – the main focus for CWB's work – with four great teams heading out to our four 'host countries'. If the training weekend is anything to go by they should be four fantastic, fun filled and worthwhile trips!

As the UK shivers under snow and ice CWB's first Spring project has flown out to a much warmer Kenya. Over two weeks, in partnership with Cricket Kenya, the team will continue their efforts to develop grass roots cricket across the country. This will be our ninth visit to Kenya and will feature more coaching with the now world famous Maasai cricketers.

They may live in one of the planet's coldest countries, but the Oslo Aliens have certainly warmed to the idea of Cricket Without Boundaries, with the club agreeing to undertake regular fundraising for the charity.

Another successful CWB training weekend, but this was with a Duchess' approval!

Last weekend saw the training weekend for the CWB Spring trips take place at Belvoir High school in rural Nottinghamshire. The weekend was hosted by the Belvoir Castle Cricket Trust (BCCT) who themselves are sending a team of volunteers to Uganda (including ex first class cricketer Darren Bicknell).

Captain Robert Scott V's Rauld Amundsen – the rematch

On the 17th January 1912, Captain Scott and his team reached the South Pole only to find that they had been beaten by Raul Amundsen who had arrived 5 weeks earlier. In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary, the Captain Scott Invitation XI took on an Amundsen XI in a 20 over cricket match just outside Oslo, Norway.

Games of cricket are not too common in Oslo, Norway... even less so in the middle of an icy winter where temperatures have regularly been below -10 degrees. Such trivial matters do not perturb the Captain Scott's XI cricket team however. The world famous team (thanks to being the subject of classic books such as "Penguins Stopped Play") are about to make a trip to the Norwegian capital to take part in an "Arctic Challenge", which includes a rather unique game of ice cricket. Given the match ably demonstrates the concept of "Cricket Without Boundaries", the team were inspired to raise money for the charity as part of the event.

Cricket Without Boundaries Kenya team, who will depart for the East African nation in February 2012, will be the third CWB group to work with the Maasai Warriors project in Nanyuki, continuing what has developed into one of the most successful partnerships in the history of CWB.

Cricket without Boundaries partner with Belvoir Castle Cricket Trust

CWB and the Belvoir Trust have started what promises to be a very fruitful working relationship. The trust is headed up by Chairman Phil O'Brien and Director ex Surrey and Nottinghamshire cricketer Darren Bicknell, both of whom will be volunteering with CWB on the spring Uganda trip. The key aim of the Belvoir Trust is getting young people active and engaged in the countryside.