Gender equality is a fundamental development objective, and is essential to enabling women and men to participate equally in society. CWB sessions always encourage boys and girls to play together, and work to achieve this goal. The use of partnerships, communication and working together to achieve success is central to this message.


Aug 01 2016

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Cricket Without Boundaries will be one of four charities supported by Crabtree Junior School in Harpenden, Hertfordshire this year after being made aware of CWB by Mrs Renier who visited Northern Uganda with the charity in the Spring.

Mrs Renier said "After returning from Uganda I was amazed at the impact that CWB had with the children we worked with and wanted to continue supporting the charity as much as possible. Ian Patrick the head teacher has been incredibly supportive and I hope that our school will be able to help future projects out in Africa. I also think it will encourage my children to think about themselves as members of a world wide community for which we all have responsibilities.

Luke Sellers reports on Day Nine from Uganda.

There are many things from our time in Kilembe that will live long in the memory; the breath-taking scenery, the insatiable appetite for cricket and the warmth of the people.

But above all of these it is the stories of two very special women in particular that will leave the most enduring imprint on myself and the rest of the team.

First time volunteer Marissa Rundle, blogs from Rwanda about the relationship between women, sport and HIV/Aids.

At first it was difficult to see the link between coaching cricket and HIV/Aids education. How wrong was I. A few days ago we visited Fawe Girls Secondary College (Kigali). After a massive downfall of rain we braved the large puddles and roaming cows to play some cricket. It was their first introduction to the game and within a few hours of coaching we could see great potential for the Rwandan women's squad. They loved it.

A superb allround performance from BBC reporter Phil Mackie wasn't quite enough to prevent a Cricket Without Boundaries XI falling to a five run defeat to an England Women's XI at Arundel.

The newshound – famed for his heart-rending CWB documentary recorded in Rwanda and Kenya last year– took three wickets, a run out and finished on 36 not out as the charity just failed to reach their target of 128 in a close-fought encounter.

One of the things that most CWB volunteers experience is the inevitable obsession with Africa and the countries that they visited.

In the case of our long serving volunteer Veronika Reeves this obsession produced her debut novel Wrapped in a blue kikohi.

Long time volunteer and social media guru David Terrace reflects on what proved to be another successful training weekend for CWB.

After a superb day losing (marginally) to England Women at a picturesque Arundel, the CWB team thought that things could not get much better at the Autumn 2013 Training Day in Brighton. They were wrong; they did.

The picturesque Arundel Castle Cricket Ground will play host to a Twenty20 match between CWB celebrity XI and an ECB Women’s select XI, on Friday 13th September.

The match will see current and future England stars take on a CWB team to include former Notts player Darren Bicknell, radio 5 live's Phil Mackie, Keane's Tim Rice Oxley and former England Captain Clare Connor.

When we were first setting up CWB in 2004, we were reliant on the goodwill of people we had never met, and their belief that CWB was more than a flash in the pan.

Our first steps into Kenya were made through the Foreign Office and a link to Adrian Radcliffe who is involved with the Nomads, a cricket club which, amongst other things, plays charity matches in the Rift Valley in Kenya to raise money for local good causes.