CWB have signed an Memorandum of Understanding with the Uganda Cricket Association. Meeting at the UCA’s offices in Kampala, CWB Trustees, Andy Hobbs, Chris Kangis and Ed Williams entered into an MOU which will commit both CWB and UCA to working together over the next 5 years. The agreement provides for regular projects by CWB, together with the delivery of equipment and clothing. In return the UCA will both organise CWB’s itinerary and act as host, as well as ensuring that AIDS awareness messages are incorporated into Ugandan Cricket.

The next CWB Training weekend takes place on 29th and 30th Jan at Birmingham Bluecoat School. The venue has kindly been offered for free by the school, thanks to CWB Volunteer Richard Lynn, a veteran of CWB Kenya 2008 and 2010.

We would like to thank Cricket Kenya for organising our trip and many other erstwhile mentions are well deserved. Notably Aliya, the Heads of all the schools especially Braeburn and Pangani, all the Chefs for making us drink more beer by taking stupid amounts of time to cook meals, to Mr Macdonald for inventing burgers otherwise Ghazi wouldn't have eaten, to the best driver ever …. Mr TTP, and to every single one of the 1170 kids we worked with over the 2 weeks.

Cricket Without Boundaries is a distribution partner for Cricket Kit4 Africa initiative.

Last year a team of anti-FGM campaigners from the charity 28 Too Many and Cricket Coaches from Cricket Without Boundaries, headed out to Laikipia, Kenya to help the Maasai Cricket Warriors in their mission to end the practice of FGM within their community.

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In volunteering for two weeks the difference you can make is surprisingly big! For some children we visit, simply having the chance to play an organised game is a thrill but equally you can make a fundamental difference to a community through spreading the positive HIV awareness messages through the coaching. Not only will you be able to make a huge difference in the country; you will also find that you will pick up life skills and tangible professional skills through the volunteering.

Cricket Without Boundaries was established in April 2005 by founder-trustees Andy Hobbs, Chris Kangis and Ed Williams. It is a registered charity in the UK, number 1154576, operating under the name of Cricket Without Boundaries ("CWB").

CWB has three main goals:

  • To spread cricket through coaching children and teaching adults how to coach; and
  • To link the sport to HIV/AIDS awareness and incorporate these messages into coaching sessions.
  • To bring together and empower local communities through cricket.

Working in partnership with the Cricket Associations in each country, the relevant British High Commissions and the ICC, we follow a simple, 3 stage, sports development structure to try to ensure some form of sustained development of the game: 1) coach education; 2) Schools coaching, and 3) Tournament.

Our coach education takes the form of teaching the adults the basics of cricket through the ICC's Introduction to Cricket course (which includes coaching, umpiring and scoring) as well as for moredeveloped coaches delivering the ICC's level 1 and 2 awards. We try to link our coaching in with each National Cricket Association's existing development plans. In 2008 we signed a memorandum of understanding with Rwanda Cricket Association, committing to 5 years of support from CWB if the RCA meets it's own development goals.

On May Day Bank Holiday Monday, Ickenham Ladies CC held their annual 6 aside ladies cricket tournament raising money for their two chosen charities Cricket Without Boundaries and CURA UK.

Despite only taking up running 18 months ago Jules Farman is about to take on a 60 mile run over the Pennines between Leeds and Manchester in 2.5 days to raise awareness about FGM.