Crabtree Junior School lend support to CWB

Oct 15 2013

Cricket Without Boundaries will be one of four charities supported by Crabtree Junior School in Harpenden, Hertfordshire this year after being made aware of CWB by Mrs Renier who visited Northern Uganda with the charity in the Spring.

Mrs Renier said "After returning from Uganda I was amazed at the impact that CWB had with the children we worked with and wanted to continue supporting the charity as much as possible. Ian Patrick the head teacher has been incredibly supportive and I hope that our school will be able to help future projects out in Africa. I also think it will encourage my children to think about themselves as members of a world wide community for which we all have responsibilities.

I introduced CWB at an assembly and the children were really responsive with a few Year 3 and 4 (7, 8 year olds) wanting to give me some of their pocket money to start fundraising."


CWB Head of Media and Communications Lee Booth said "Having spent time with Emily in Uganda her drive and passion for helping others less fortunate was clear to see and I am delighted that she will be continuing to support the charity back in the UK. I hope she will also be able to join us again on a project soon."

If your school or organisation would like more information on how they can support our work please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About The Author

Cricket Without Boundaries (CWB) is a UK registered charity (number 1154576) that uses cricket as a vehicle for delivering health and social messages in sub-Saharan Africa. It is run almost entirely by the dedication and enthusiasm of its volunteers.
Since its formation in 2005 CWB has become one of the world's leading Cricket Development charities. It is dedicated to helping, educating and developing local communities around the world through the spread and growth of cricket.