CWB boosts girl’s cricket in Rwanda

Mar 08 2013

I am one of the lucky people to have benefited from CWB’s visits to Rwanda every year since 2008.

The charity has had a really positive impact on my life, has raised my spirits and made me love cricket even more.

Through CWB I have been awarded a cricket coach certificate and because of that I have been able to pass on my cricket knowledge to young children at the school where I was a nursery teacher and it was so much fun.

I also had the opportunity to go around other schools with CWB raising awareness on HIV/AIDS through the ABC strategy; Abstain, Be faithful and use Condoms. This was done through demonstrations of cricket drills and the children loved it. By raising awareness of HIV/AIDS there was a behavioural change in the children’s sexual lives and moral values.

One more important thing about CWB is that it is not biased. They give equal chances to both girls and boys which means a lot to young people and makes them appreciate that cricket is a truly great sport. Not only has CWB has made a difference to how I feel towards cricket but it has also given a positive feeling to so many people in Rwanda.

On this special international women’s day, I wish every woman, a wonderful day and want to encourage young women - especially young Rwandan girls - to participate in cricket because it’s a great sport.

By Annette Mugunga

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Cricket Without Boundaries (CWB) is a UK registered charity (number 1154576) that uses cricket as a vehicle for delivering health and social messages in sub-Saharan Africa. It is run almost entirely by the dedication and enthusiasm of its volunteers.
Since its formation in 2005 CWB has become one of the world's leading Cricket Development charities. It is dedicated to helping, educating and developing local communities around the world through the spread and growth of cricket.