Warrior film promo launched

Dec 09 2012

One of Cricket Without Boundaries major success stories, the Maasai Cricket Warriors are to be the subject of a fantastic documentary, directed by Barney Douglas (Swanny's diaries) and with the help of executive producer Jimmy Anderson.

The film illustrates the importance of cricket as a vehicle for social cause as the Maasai cricketers have embraced the CWB messages of ABC and made them their own. For example, the bat is their spear in the fight against HIV, using the spear to protect themselves like protecting your wicket with their bat.

The Kenyan trip recently visited the Maasai cricketers, coached by the inspirational Aliya Bauer to continue the coaching and to equip the Maasai cricketers to coach others in the community. Not only with this help to sustain cricket in the region but also continue the fight against HIV/AIDS and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) which unfortunately are still prevalent in Maasai culture. You can read about the CWB experience on the Kenya blog here http://cwbblogs.com/kenya12/

The film is being promoted heavily throughout the cricketing community and beyond, most notably with Barney appearing on Test Match Special where he explained the story behind the film (listen here http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/fivelive/tms/tms_20121206-0856b.mp3). CWB are very excited by the film and we believe it is a great way to showcase the power that sport can make in communities.

To find out more and donate to the film visit www.indiegogo.com/warriorsfilm or follow the account on twitter, @warriorsfilm.

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Cricket Without Boundaries (CWB) is a UK registered charity (number 1154576) that uses cricket as a vehicle for delivering health and social messages in sub-Saharan Africa. It is run almost entirely by the dedication and enthusiasm of its volunteers.
Since its formation in 2005 CWB has become one of the world's leading Cricket Development charities. It is dedicated to helping, educating and developing local communities around the world through the spread and growth of cricket.