Kenya Autumn 2015

43rd - 17th October

Meanwhile in Kenya the 6 CWB volunteers were joined by 6 local Kenyans to form a formidable 12-person force, visiting Kericho, Muranga’ and Nakuru and coaching 3500 children.


The first destination was Kericho where the group trained a fantastic 64 teachers, as well as visiting a number of primary and secondary schools to reinforce cricket coaching that they had received on a number of previous trips.

Nakuru was the second location visited, where the team were delighted to see the level of progress in cricket development – cricket is now a recognised sport in the city and the schools have even formed a hard ball league as well as soft ball for the younger and newer players to the game.


The last stop was Muranga, schools there had clearly embraced the game as well as the messages that CWB had introduced on their previous 3 trips to the town with good knowledge of the ABC and T messaging.

KenyaAutumnTeam2015The Team

Collette Gooding - Project Leader
Leigh Rees - ECB Tutor
Sarah Berman
Philip Gooding
Sam Rose
Max Winchester

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