Kenya Spring 2015

15th - 22nd February

The Kenya Spring 2015 project broke new ground for CWB. Working in partnership with FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) charity 28 Too Many, Cricket Kenya and the Maasai Cricket Warriors, the project focused its work on addressing the serious problem of FGM amongst the Maasai community, where 3 in 4 girls are currently cut.


Moving away from the usual A, B and C messages the team focused on B.A.T. instead:

B – Break the silence and speak about FGM
A – Advocate for change
T – Together we can stop FGM

Alongside typical CWB coaching sessions in schools the project also required a significant amount of politicking, as volunteers sought the support of key local groups, including elders of the Maasai, District Commissioners and Heads of Police. The group were by in large heartened by the level of support for their messages and intentions to bring an end to the practice.


The pioneering project faced its fair share of challenges, battling against 2000 years of cultural practice and encountering tough stories of those who have been effected by the practice along the way. By leading the way in finding ways to incorporate advocacy for change in the practice into the delivery of cricket they were able to begin normalising the discussion of FGM, leaving a legacy with those they coached or trained as coaches and opening the way for continued work in this area in the future.

KenyaSpringTeam2015The Team

Hannah Weaver - CWB FGM Project Leader
Gary Shankland - Kenya HIV Lead
Laura Daniels - Project Tutor
Ann-Marie Wilson - 28 Too Many’s Executive Director
Esther Njenga
Katie McLean
Tracey Davies
Julia Farman

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