Kenya Autumn (1) 2014

4th - 18th October

In October CWB began the first leg of its 2014 Autumn projects to Kenya. First stop was the familiar town of Kisumu which lies on the Northern shores of Lake Victoria which made for a stunning setting for the first 5 days of the trip. With some of the team having visited Kisumu in 2013 it was pleasing to see some old faces and especially satisfying to note that cricket is gathering a pace in terms of its development in this part of Kenya - some schools now even boast junior Kenyan internationals. Coach education, 7 schools and a festival on the Thursday (won by the Highways School for girls) represented an excellent start.


Next we travelled to Kericho which is very different from Kisumu but no less spectacular where row upon row of tea plantations coat the hills for as far as the eye can see. Cricket is still in its infancy here but with over 40 new coaches created and plenty of kit left behind at the schools we visited, we are confident we went a long way to achieving our ambition of developing the game further in this beautiful part of the country.


Our last few days were spent in the familiar surroundings of Nakuru. Nakuru is now a stronghold of Kenyan cricket as proved by the first school we visited - 'Maggie's school', Baharini Primary. As Maggie has previously so eloquently captured on film, cricket was only introduced to Baharini just over 2 years ago but has played a huge part in educating her children about the dangers of HIV/AIDS whilst at the same time giving them all a pride at collectively becoming good at something so quickly. The school now wins festivals regularly and boasts students in the national side at all age groups. A huge success story for everyone involved with CWB and Kenyan Cricket.

So, with over 4,000 children coached, over 50 coaches created, and with some strong links with orphanages and charities formed along the way, another successful Kenya CWB project was delivered.

Kenya1AutumnTeam2014The Team

Carl Ferguson – Project Leader
Dave Gelling – ECB Tutor
Greig Vardy
John Haines
Daniel Pledger
Colette Gooding
Allison Collier
Ollie Barnes
Clive Hawthorn

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