Kenya Autumn 2012

13th - 28th October

The group spent the first week in Nakuru which is one of CWB’s many success stories. Cricket Kenya has really invested in developing cricket in this area and the results can clearly be seen. The second week was spent in the most incredible scenery imaginable in Laikipia. This is the home of the Maasai Cricket Warriors and Aliya Bauer, their incredibly passionate and committed coach. The distances travelled by the team in their land cruisers and the daily safari commute will live long in the memory. 


Amongst the many highlights there was a visit to One More Day for Children rescue centre. The residents – aged 8- 14 – have suffered from abuse, mutilation or escaped from forced marriage at an early age. As coaching began any worries about how comfortable the girls would be around the volunteers, the men in particular, evaporated. Some of them had suffered some of the worst kind of treatment imaginable, including one girl who was married off at the age of five and now suffers from HIV/AIDS. But as they caught high catches, hit straight drives at the CWB coaches and tried bowling for the first time, they came alive and were increasingly willing to interact with everyone to the point where the session ended in a mass of hugs, hive fives and fond farewells. 


In total 56 local teachers and players were coached to an ICC accreditation and 3026 children coached at an average of 202 kids per hour long session!

"On our trip to Kenya we achieved so much in only a short space of time. For me, it was most exciting to see so many naturally talented cricketers, both the girls and boys alike. If the paralleled hard work from Cricket Kenya and CWB continues over many trips, this will not only promote HIV awareness but also provide a bright future for both Women's and Men's cricket in Kenya".

Holly Colvin, England Womens International

KenyaAutumnTeam2012The Team

Jamie Burton - Project Leader
Luke Sellers - ECB Tutor
Holly Colvin
Sarah Hickman
Jeremy Knott
James Harrison
Lee Booth
Ed Williams

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