Kenya Autumn 2011

21st October - 4th November

Nine Cricket Without Boundaries ["CWB"] volunteer coaches have returned from a two week project in Kenya having coached and developed cricket with key AIDS awareness messages.

The members of the team came from all over the UK and had an age spread of 16-60.

The team in partnership with Cricket Kenya worked with players and coaches in order to improve cricket participation and to use the game as a vehicle to promote familiar HIV/AIDS awareness messages. The team spent their time based in the town of Nakuru and the city of Kisumu.


CWB Kenya manager Andrew Ryan paid tribute to the substantial assistance provided by Cricket Kenya in making the project a success.

"Cricket Kenya delivered a substantial amount of support for the team including providing transport across the country as well as looking after the logistical issues which come with undertaking a project like this in three different parts of Kenya," he said.

"This certainly makes it clear to CWB that Cricket Kenya is committed to developing our great game in regional areas and sees the community benefits which come from delivering HIV awareness messages as part of that development work."

Amongst the many highlights were coaching in 24 schools and 4 orphanages and teaching over 3,000 children.

A key achievement was coaching more than 120 coaches to achieve an ICC coaching accreditation, ensuring that the coaching of cricket would be sustained in the months ahead.


The team showed great passion, enthusiasm and adaptability by delivering sessions non-stop for 12/14 days. The sheer joy of seeing the game develop in some of the poorest communities and schools as well as their enthusiasm and energy was something the team will never forget.

"The CWB Kenya trip was an amazing experience for us all with memories that will last a life time. We taught thousands of children and young people HIV/AIDS awareness messages. The fact that we could potentially make a real difference to their lives through these messages through cricket, as well as spending time with them was an amazing feeling.

"Whilst the poverty, slums and orphanages was heart breaking, playing cricket, dancing, singing and chanting with these children was the most heart warming experience I have ever had in my entire life. The people we met in Kenya are truly incredible and an inspiration to us all. I cannot wait to go back again in the near future".

Tracey Davies, Kenya Country Manager

KenyaAutumnTeam2011The Team

Tracey Davies - Project Leader
Dan Feist - ECB Tutor
Cameron Foster
Robert McCarroll
Jamie Burton
Scott Chappell
Brian Robinson
Vasant Bhatt
Ian Stocker

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