Kenya Autumn 2010

31st October - 17th November

The first week in Kenya we focused our Coaching sessions on the schools and "slum" areas around Nairobi, which had been pulled together by our contacts at Cricket Kenya. During this period we visited 8 different schools (plus one of these a second time), and then we also had 3 visits to the "slum" area of Mathare. We coached on each day and managed to hone our sessions into covering the basic skills followed by non stop Cricket games where time permitted. During these sessions we coached 582 boys and girls. All of the Coaches were taken by the enthusiasm and smiling faces of all of the kids we coached both at the schools and in the Mathare area.


Following this week we moved onto a new area for CWB - Nanyuki - which was approximately 4 hours in land and was totally the opposite to week 1 where we had been in a sprawling, swarming city. We were now in the African bush and were travelling to Coaching sessions through areas were we saw all sorts of different animals - Elephants, Camels, Giraffes, Cheetahs, Leopards, Rhinos to name just a few. This area had 2 distinct parts - the one around Nanyuki itself where we visited a number of schools, and then an area around Dol Dol which was 50km into the bush. However, it did not matter which area we were in as we still saw the smiling faces and total enthusiasm of boys and girls wanting to learn about cricket while taking on board the HIV/Aids messages. We Coached in 10 different schools, at a Rehabilitation Centre for Children and a Childrens Home (all of the children here were HIV positive, and this had a lasting effect on every single one of us (see the blog).

During week 2 we coached 575 children and also ran Coach Education workshops for 45 new Coaches who will now continue the message in Kenya. We finished with two Non Stop Cricket Tournaments were all of the Schools were present and we saw 140 Children in the games. We then finished with a short Coaching session for the Maasai Warriors - an Adult hard ball side. We were also very lucky to be given a trip around an animal orphanage and a Safari during our time in the bush.


"This has been the most rewarding and interesting project I have ever been involved in during my life and I would encourage anyone else who has the chance to try doing something like this. The kids I saw in Africa are the most welcoming and happy you could ever hope to meet and yet they are coming from such a lifestyle that means they have hardly anything. This had been something that is hard to put into words. I feel very honoured to have met these people and they have had a lasting affect on my life. I really do hope that I can go back at some time in the future and I would encourage anyone else who is considering such a project to speak to me and understand what has really touched me here. Who knows what the future holds and a massive thanks to CWB for giving me the opportunity."

Stephen Green, Project Leader

KenyaAutumnTeam2010The Team

Stephen Green - Project Leader
Ghazi Zaki - ECB Tutor
Ed Alexander
Phil Cramp
Steve Adshead
Simon Mockford
Ben Francis

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