Kenya 2009

Building on the last few trips

The 2009 edition of CWB's foray into Kenya featured a team of 7 coaches - James Williams, ECB tutor Simon Funnell, Alistair Waldron, James Rufey, James Taylor, Reuben Hartwell, Rob Woods and Alexia Walker. In Nakuru, Western Kenya, 6 coaches gained level 2 certificates, whilst 50 were awarded level 1 certification and a further 83 coaches (split between Nakuru and Kericho, Kenya's Tea capital) passed the ICC introductory level course.


Most importantly though, every one of these coaches were taught how to integrate HIV awareness messages into their coaching sessions.

CWB are looking forward to signing an MOU with Cricket Kenya over the coming months and returning in March 2010.


The Team

James Williams - ECB tutor
Simon Funnell
Alistair Waldron
James Rufey
James Taylor
Reuben Hartwell
Rob Woods
Alexia Walker

Further Information