Kenya 2008

18th October - 1st November

CWB’s team of seven volunteers trained student teachers at Kericho Teachers College, and primary and secondary pupils at both government and independent schools. In addition, they trained and assessed twelve teachers for the award of a UK Coaching Certificate Level 1.


Over the past fortnight seven vastly different people, previously unknown to each other, have coached around 300 children and 100 teacher trainees, assessed a dozen would-be coaches, and delivered HIV/AIDS awareness training to all. We have seen genuine poverty and relative wealth, but the welcome we’ve received has always been generous and more often than not enthusiastic.


Doubtless there are lessons to be learned from the project, to which each of us will contribute in due course, but there is genuine optimism among us that our work will be developed by a new generation of coaches and students in Kenya. For that alone and the opportunity to have made a difference to the lives of many, this has been an unforgettable fortnight, well spent.

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