Kenya 2007

Taking CWB to the next stage of development

The team of volunteer coaches of Greg Bignall, Benoit O'Dell, Mark England, Chris Richards, Simon Hards, Michael and Linda Stratford, who were led by senior ECB coach Richard Davies, arrived in Kenya in the middle of October 2007.


The 3 week trip would take them to Nakuru in the West of Kenya, to the metropolis of Nairobi and then onto the baking of heat of the coast in Mombasa.


In the process over 1000 children were coached and 40 new coaches were trained. Thanks once again to the excellent hospitality and support of Cricket Kenya, in particular Martin Bentley of Greensteads school and the Mombasa Gymkana.

KenyaTeam2007The Team

Richard Davies - ECB Tutor
Greg Bignall
Benoit O'Dell
Mark England
Chris Richards
Simon Hards
Michael Stratford
Linda Stratford

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