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Great CWB Cycle

The Great CWB Cycle has been over a year in the planning and involves two men (CWB veterans Jamie Burton & Carl Ferguson) cycling 4,000 miles from Cape Town to Kigali in 100 days.

carlThe two of them first got involved with the charity as volunteers in 2011 and have to date completed eleven projects collectively with visits to all the CWB Countries; Rwanda, Botswana, Uganda, Kenya & Cameroon.

As a result the charity has become hugely important to both of them. So, to celebrate CWB’s ten year anniversary they have decided to take on a huge challenge to emulate the adventure shown by the original trustees, to help increase the profile of the charity further and, of course, to raise as much money as they can to enable further projects to be sent to the continent.

Therefore, a 4000 mile bike trip from Cape Town to Kigali in 100 days, across nine countries, seemed like a suitable idea! The pair fly to Cape Town on New Year’s Day and start their epic journey from Newlands Cricket Ground, where England just happen to be playing South Africa at the time, on the 4th January.


Despite the majority of the journey involving just the two of them with only a couple of bikes and a tent for company, they are going to be joined by other CWB regulars – Gary Shankland and Clare Ross – in Malawi and, if all goes to plan, hope to be met by further members of the CWB family at the finish line in Kigali on the 14th April (ish!).

For more details of the adventure please visit Please read their blogs, follow their updates, like their pictures and most importantly encourage people to give generously to this most fantastic cause.




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