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Right to Play Jordan

Working with Right to Play Jordan we have supported the upskilling of teachers, to use cricket based games to aid with core curricular learning of Maths, English and Arabic as well as social development via team building, leadership and ownership to local Jordan and refugee children.

To date over 250 teachers have participated in the training, who have since used the training in their schools. Over 5000 children have taken part in the program, which also seeks to develop the school’s physical environment.

Right to Play Field Officer, Bayan feedback that:

‘The main thing that we love is the way of having an effective communication between the participants that can also help us in RTP workshops to focus more on life skills. Furthermore, these games can also be implemented in several educational subjects. Based on our experience, we can say that teachers will apply the games without having any obstacles. It is important to mention that your team also focused on having a safe area while playing games, which directly attached with SoS [Save our Schools] programmes goal of creating a positive learning environment’.



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