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Train the trainers

Last weekend we were in Jordan as we continue to build on our partnership with Right to Play. The visit followed our successful joint projects in 2018 and was to focus on CWB training Right to Play staff to deliver our methodologies as part of the Right to Play Strengthening our Schools programme.

The programmes goal is to promote inclusive play with children from the region and will focus on fourteen schools home to 7000 children across Jordan.

Following our visit to Lebanon day one in Amman began with Lee guiding RTP Project Officers and Field Facilitators through each of the eight CWB games that were delivered during the 2018 projects. RTP participants had already witnessed the games in person- and several had subsequently tried to deliver them themselves - but this was the first opportunity to formally begin the training process. In the heat of the office garden, we ran through each game play by play, identifying key delivery methods whilst encouraging staff to adapt and mould each of the games to best suit the local environment and educational methods. Hana Khalidi described the sessions as ‘One of the most exciting I’ve ever had; similar to RTP trainings and allowed participants to think outside the box. There are no limits to your creativity!’ Fair to say Lees approach had gone down a storm'.


Each of the games have been translated into our Arabic coaching manuals and moulded by staff in the region to suit regional sensitivities and needs. 3, 2, 1 Yalllah! and adapted relays remain firm favourites; as RTP staff developed their own educational messages even during the training itself. Field officer Bayan identified four different educational messages that could be integrated into the relay races in the space of a few minutes! Reflecting on the training Bayan commented ‘The main thing that we love is the way of having an effective communication between the participants that can also help us in RTP workshops to focus more on life skills. Furthermore, these games can also be implemented in several educational subjects. Based on our experience, we can say that teachers will apply the games without having any obstacles. It is important to mention that your team also focused on having a safe area while playing games, which directly attached with SoS programmes goal of creating a positive learning environment’. SoS field officer Amaal also commented ‘The games were so simple and exciting.. All of us were playing and competing in a fun changed what we all know about cricket that its hard and boring.. For me i always look for a new energizers and ice breakers but thanks to CWB now i have more than enough to cover all the trainings and playdays that will be going into the next period..we really cant wait to start making a difference using just a ball.. that what is called simple and effective’


Day two focused on what and how our partnership needs over the coming months to ensure we deliver. Usual discussions of kit, training materials, and follow up visits, combined with an hour spent running through RTP’s impressive M&E software enabled us to leave Amman confident the RTP have everything needed to use the games as a force for good. The SoS programme will be our litmus test in Jordan, as we look to identify how cricket can be used as a force for good in the region. Our thanks to all RTP staff for being such willing participants and in advance as our partnership goes from strength to strength.



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