Cameroon Autumn 2015

17th - 31st October

Cameroon’s team was certainly small, but it was also mighty. 4 (and a half!) volunteers were joined by 7 local coaches from the Cameroon Cricket Federation to swell their numbers - invaluable particularly in French speaking Yaouunde although they were always keen to learn the correct English terms for delivery to improve their own coaching. The two French speaking volunteers also proved incredibly useful in conversations with teachers as well as students.


In Buea the team came across two teachers in particular who were really keen. One lady, Chebe, particularly wanted the team to visit her school as they had a problem not just with HIV but also with unwanted, unplanned pregnancies. Also in Buea was Mr Sama Divine who helped to organised a lot of the itinerary in the town and got involved in every opportunity to learn more about the game including the impromptu practice session for the CCF coaches that saw PL Tracey snaffle her first international wicket, caught behind!


Meanwhile Rebecca's youthful looks seemed to prompt the older school children to open up as she completed the M&E - asking lots of questions about sex, HIV and AIDS and life in general. The team got a sense of the real impact that having someone to talk honestly with could have on these children who would all too soon be young adults.

CameroonAutumnTeam2015The Team

Tracey Seaman - Project Leader
Jo Clarke
Anouck Brenot
Rebecca Catterall
David Gidney

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