Cameroon Spring 2015

6th - 20th February

The Cameroon Spring project for 2015 were media superstars, taking part in 2 radio interviews, a written piece in the newspaper and 3 (3!) prime time TV appearances. All, of course, great opportunities to spread the HIV protection messages of ABC and T and talk about the good work CWB do to share these messages through cricket.


Despite occasionally trying weather conditions the self-styled Famous 5 certainly had a “Marvellous Time” on a trip that was rich in music, dancing, parades and, or course, plenty of cricket. The team visited Yaounde and Bamdena, two contrasting locations that each had their own charms and challenges.

The one outstanding achievement of the team in the two weeks was the enthusiasm for cricket that they managed to pass on to the local teachers, and the willingness of those teachers to embrace cricket, and the HIV messages explicit in the CWB training. It’s was a major plus point, and one which the charity will look to embrace in both Yaounde and Bamenda, but particularly in Bamenda as support for the CWB Ambassador, Sunjo.


The team also produced one of the finest videos a Cricket Without Boundaries project has ever seen, if a video could capture what being on a project is like, then surely this is it:

CameroonSpringTeam2015The Team

Carl Ferguson - Project Leader
Thom Manning
Ben Lougheed
Sam Housam
Bob Withers

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