Cameroon Autumn 2014

7th - 21st November

For our third visit to Cameroon the team again began in the capital Yaounde, this allowed us to pick up and build on the work that had been started in the Spring project.

As always the Cameroon Cricket Federations hospitality was most welcome and we were assisted for the 2 weeks by several members most noticeably James, Frank and Sunjo whose tireless coaching efforts really helped us maximise our time in the country.


Cricket is getting established in many schools in the capital and it was good to work with the students and teachers that already had a passion for the game, the sessions at Mevick being a particular highlight for enthusiasm and energy.

In contrast the second week had us travelling just over 200 miles west to Bamenda the capital of the North West region, here there was no history of cricket which makes the challenge more difficult but much more profitable as it is much easier to see the impact that cricket can make.

A problem at the local dam made the challenge even tougher as we had no running water for most of the week, fortunately the hotel had a swimming pool allowing for buckets of water for cleaning purposes.


As Bamenda was a blank slate it also allowed us with the help of Dr Patrick Okwen a local doctor and medical researcher to start what will be an important study into the effectiveness of our current delivery methods, a vital tool as we look to improve in the future.

In the 2 weeks we worked with around 50 teachers and coached just under 4,000 children a great effort and one that all the team should be very proud of.

CameroonAutumnTeam2014The Team

Lee Booth - Project Leader
Alex Harding
Matt Murphy
Deborah Pentesco-Gilbert
Greg Mackett
Luke Tomsett
Paul Frost
Richard Simmonds

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