Cameroon Spring 2014

8th - 21st March

Dave Terrace on the second ever CWB visit to Cameroon.

On our second visit to Cameroon, over a year since the first, we repeated the itinerary of the first trip but progressed the relationship between CWB and the Cameroon cricket association significantly. The first week was based in Yaounde where we were provided with a number of opportunites with the media, Ministers and NGOs to highlight the work were doing and raise awareness of cricket in Cameroon. We worked in a number of schools and one orphanage with the CWB trained teachers to deliver the HIV/AIDS cricket sessions.


The second week was based in Buea, which, whilst not having the profile-raising of week one, was more focussed on delivery of coaching. The week was run very effectively, with a teacher training day being followed up with schools session and finishing off with a very successful tournament. A key success of the trip was working with local coaches, who are all national team players but with little coaching experiences. It was particularly pleasing to learn that the Cameroon government has funded a women's coach to develop the game. There was also a great deal of knowledge gained about the HIV/AIDS situation in Cameroon and we met with UNICEF and several other local NGOs to build key local relationships.


In total we coached 36 teachers and just over 1,500 kids in the two weeks. We have also raised the awareness of cricket and CWB in Cameroon and there are already plans to develop the game in Cameroon.

CameroonSpringTeam2014The Team

Dave Terrace – Project Leader
Roger Newman – ECB Tutor
Jo Clarke
Liam Burrell
David Fitt
Thom Manning
Jonathan Todd
Jules Farman

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